Raphael Gbedebu


Raphael Gbedebu

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Customized 10 Commandments Tablet. 

20 x 20 inches approx end product size consisting of two tables 10 x 20

Ten Commandments on top in English and Hebrew  

1. I am Adonai your God, You shall have no other gods before ME


אנוכי אדוני  אלוהיך, לא יהיו לך אלוהים אחרים על פני


2. Do not make for yourself a graven image and bow down to them


לא תעשה לך כל פסל ותמונה ולא תשתחווה להם


3. You must not take the Name of Adonai your God in vain


לא תשא את שם אדוני אלוהיך לשווא


4. Remember Yom Shabbat, to keep it holy


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו


5. Honour your father and your mother


כבד את אביך ואת אמך


6. Do not murder


לא תרצח


7. Do not commit adultery


לא תנאף


8. Do not steal


לא תגנוב


9. Do not bear false witness against your neighbour


לא תענה ברעך עד שקר


10. Do not covet anything that is your neighbour’s


לא תחמוד


Yeshua said, “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, so also you must love one another'' John 13:34


ישוע אמר," מצוה חדשה אני נותן לכם: אהבו זה את זה: כמו שאהבתי אתכם כך גם אתם אהבו זה את זה". יוחנן 13:34


Please note that there are no returns on personalized orders. Prices have differed from original quote as the artist that will be making it is a more experienced artist and the engraved part differs from the engraving on the original tablet in writings and size. Price for the tablet will differ in quantity. Price for this single item includes first class shipping. You can ask for it to be send in priority mail instead to lower the price. Priority mail has been experienced significant delays in the past months but does include tracking information aswell.